How do I change my cell phone number?

Answer Changing your phone number may be necessary if you are receiving unwanted calls or simply want a local one. By contacting your cell carrier, you can simply pay to have it switched. If you are done ... Read More »

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How can I change the number for my cell phone?

Changing your cell phone number might prove to be a headache. There are times when it may be a good idea, though. If you are receiving harassing phone calls, changing the number may be the only esc... Read More »

How to Change an Alltel Cell Phone Number?

If you would like to change your Alltel cell phone number, you can do so by contacting Verizon Wireless. Alltel was acquired by Verizon Wireless in early 2009 and Verizon now provides customer serv... Read More »

Can I change a cell phone to a landline number?

Keeping a phone number when you change service providers is known as porting. The same rules apply to both landline and cell phone numbers. Phone number portability may be limited by location, and ... Read More »

Can I change a cell phone to a land line number?

Yes, you can change a cell phone to a landline number. According to Federal Communications Commission number portability rules, you can move your phone number to any service you wish, including cel... Read More »