How do I change lawn mower oil?

Answer Empty the fuel tank. You can siphon the gas out to another container or run the mower until the gas runs out. Disconnect the spark plug wire to eliminate the chance of fire.Remove the oil dipstick.... Read More »

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How to Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades on a Commercial Lawn Mower?

Keeping lawnmower blades sharp does more than just cut grass better; it prevents damaging the lawn. Lawnmower blades will obviously become dull over time. Dull blades have a tendency to tear the to... Read More »

How to Change the Oil in a Lawn Mower?

Simple steps in changing oil in a Briggs & Stratton or other manufactured engine.

How do I change the oil filter in a lawn mower?

Drain the engine oil while it is warm to the touch--not hot. Open the oil drain located at the lowest point of the engine. A red or yellow cap marks the drain location. Once oil drain is complete, ... Read More »

How to Change a Lawn Mower Fan Blade?

Blades on lawnmowers that are used on a weekly basis last from season to season. However, if your grass cover is patchy and growing in coarse sandy soil, or if you have a very large yard, you may h... Read More »