How do I change colors in Microsoft Outlook 2007?

Answer Overall AppearanceTo change the overall appearance of Microsoft Outlook 2007, part of the Office Suite, you need to change the Windows theme. Windows allows you to customize the colors, among other... Read More »

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Change Microsoft Outlook 2007 Keyboard Shortcuts?

You can make MS Word your default editor for Outlook. Whatever you use in Word will be the same in Outlook.

How do i change microsoft outlook 2007 to the classic view?

Download and install Addintools Classic Menu for Outlook 2007 to change Microsoft Outlook 2007 to the classic view. (See Resources.) This program is the recommended solution from Microsoft. All of ... Read More »

Microsoft Outlook 2007& Outlook 2003 compatible?

Yes. Microsoft Outlook 2007 and 2003 are both compatible. When using 2007, compatibility mode kicks in automatically when a file is opened that was originally saved in an old format. Also if you at... Read More »

Are Microsoft Outlook 2007& Outlook 2003 compatible?

Unlike most other Microsoft Office programs, you cannot have more than one version of Outlook installed on the same computer. However, Outlook 2003 and 2007 are still compatible in the sense that y... Read More »