How do I change colors in Adobe Photoshop 7?

Answer Select the "Enhance" command in the Editor and then go to "Adjust Color" and choose the "Replace Color" command. Choose one of the two options to show the image thumbnail: "Image" shows the complet... Read More »

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How do I change the font in Adobe Photoshop CS4?

Start up your computer and load Photoshop CS4. Choose "File" and "New." Select "800 X 600" from the "Preset" selection bar. Click "OK" to open your image screen. Choose "Layer" and "New Layer" from... Read More »

How to Change the Background in Adobe Photoshop?

Digital cameras have made it possible for people to take more photos than ever before. They place the photos they are taking on websites, in digital picture frames and in albums. But sometimes you ... Read More »

How to Change Foreground Color in Adobe Photoshop?

Learning how to change foreground color in Adobe will get you started to learn Photoshop. Foreground color is used to paint, fill, stroke selections, and make some special effect filters. You can c... Read More »

Does anyone know of any way of getting hold of Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator for cheap or free?

You can get an old version (like 6.0) for very cheap on ebay and it does almost everything cs3 does. Alternatively use paint shop pro...nearly as good and a fraction of the price.