How do I change buffering for a video in Mozilla Firefox?

Answer Right-click on the video player. For example, on YouTube, right-click on the actual video playback box. Click "Settings". Click the "Local Storage" button, which is marked with a folder icon. Next,... Read More »

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How to Change your Start Page on Mozilla Firefox?

Changing the start page on your Mozilla Firefox Internet browser can be very helpful. This change can be easily made by closely following the directions in this article.

How do i change the image size in mozilla firefox?

Prevent Automatic ResizingType "about:config" into the Firefox address bar. Click "I'll be careful, I promise!" if you see a warning screen. Type "browser.enable" in the Filter bar and press "Enter... Read More »

How to Change the Language of Pages in Old Versions Mozilla Firefox?

Have you ever wanted to change the language of writing on a website? Maybe you speak Spanish and wish to read the pages in Spanish? Maybe you just want to play a trick on the next person to use you... Read More »

How do I change Mozilla Firefox's default search engine from Bing to Google?

I had a similar problem but with Ask rather than Bing.The answer lies in Mozilla's configuration page.To access the configuration you should open a new tab/window and type about:config into the add... Read More »