How do I change brown grass into green with Photoshop?

Answer Basic ProcessOpen the Photoshop program, and load the image in the program. Choose the "Layers" tab from the upper toolbar, and select "New Layer." Select a soft-green grass color from your color p... Read More »

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How to Change Brown Grass Into Green with Photoshop?

Impress your out of town in-laws with your gardening skills; take a digital photograph of your brown, drab lawn and turn it green with Photoshop software. Use Photoshop's Layers capability and colo... Read More »

How do I make brown grass turn green again?

Determine causeDetermine the cause of your grass turning or staying brown by going over a checklist: is the soil moist enough or too moist, has your lawn been exposed to extreme or unseasonal weath... Read More »

How does watering brown grass turn it green?

To begin,grass needs two things to generate chlorophyll,the chemical that gives it its green hue,which are water and sunlight.When grass is depleted of water,it cannot be green,because it needs bot... Read More »

Why do my eyes change from brown to green when I am drunk?

u have a level of hazzle eye's i would imagine ... hazzle eye's change with light. so when ur drunk i would imagine ur eyes constrict or dialate in a way that they catch the light just right to see... Read More »