How do I change audiocassette music to an MP3 with freeware?

Answer Readying Your Audiocassette and ComputerConnect your audiocassette to your computer. Place the audiocassette in a player. From the player, use a male-to-male audio cord to connect that to the compu... Read More »

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How to Transfer Music to an iPod With Freeware?

Transferring music to an iPod is generally done with the Apple iTunes software program. But there are other ways to transfer music both to and from an iPod using other freeware applications. Floola... Read More »

How do I convert AVI to GIF with freeware?

Using Microsoft GIFDownload Microsoft GIF freeware. Double-click on the downloaded file to install the program. Open Microsoft GIF Animator by double-clicking on the icon on the desktop or clicking... Read More »

How to Convert MPG to VOB With Freeware?

The MPG or MPEG file format, developed and released by the Moving Picture Experts Group, contains highly compressed video content designed for distribution and sharing over the Internet. The VOB fo... Read More »

How to Convert a MOV to a WMV on a Mac With Freeware?

The MOV file extension corresponds to the Apple QuickTime movie format, the standard video format on Apple computers. The WMV is the PC counterpart of the MOV; it's the proprietary format for Micro... Read More »