How do I change an aiff file to an MP3 file on a Mac?

Answer Select Import SettingsThe easiest way to convert aiff files into the mp3 format on a Mac is to use the Mac's iTunes application. Open the iTunes application. Click on the word "iTunes" at the top o... Read More »

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How do I convert an AIFF file to a WAV?

Download and install Audacity by following the link in Resources. Audacity is a freeware program that is available for most operating systems. Other conversion software that serves the same functio... Read More »

What is the file extension aiff?

The file extension AIFF stands for Audio Interchange File Format. AIFF files are uncompressed audio files in a format developed by Apple Computers to store CD-quality audio, based on the Electronic... Read More »

How to change file name of multiple files so that i can add a name in front of the name of the file?

There is a simple built-in method in Windows. First you just need to select all your files you wish to rename. You can go to Edit > Select all or press Ctrl + A.Now you can right-click and choose R... Read More »

How Can I Change a Video File Into an Audio File Only?

A video file usually contains audio that was embedded into it when the video was encoded. You may want to extract the audio from the video file, for example, to take the soundtrack or a piece of sp... Read More »