How do I change alignment?

Answer Alignment refers to how the tires are arranged in relation to each other. A normal car will have a good alignment that will cause the wheels to act as one and the car to steer easily. Bad alignment... Read More »

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Do you have to get an alignment when you change your tires?

While you do not have to get an alignment when you change tires, it is strongly recommended. Tires that aren't aligned properly wear unevenly, which significantly shortens the tires' lifespan. Alig... Read More »

Front End Alignment Vs. 4 Wheel Alignment?

The independent front suspension on all vehicles has adjustable settings to keep the front wheels aligned for optimum handling and minimal tire wear. The ride and handling may be affected negativel... Read More »

Do you need a 4-wheel alignment or just a front wheel alignment?

On One Hand: Complete Alignment of All TiresIf your car has an independent rear suspension, meaning that the back tire alignment is not fixed in place by a solid axle, a four-wheel alignment ensure... Read More »

DIY Car Alignment?

A big myth within the automotive community is that wheel alignment must be done by a professional. While the more complex aspects of wheel alignment indeed must be done by a professional, you yours... Read More »