How do I change a verb to a noun?

Answer Add an -ing to the end of a verb to create a noun called a gerund. Technically, a gerund is a form of a verb that turns that verb into a noun meaning "the act of" performing what the verb originall... Read More »

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Is"habitual"a noun, a verb or an adjective?

"Habitual" is an adjective that means regularly doing something in a consistent or customary way, as in "The child is a habitual liar." The noun form of habitual is "habit."References:Merriam-Webst... Read More »

How to Play 3X Kiss Verb Noun?

This game has a lot of names depending on how it is played. "3X" means 3 cards are drawn. "Verb Noun" means that the cards contain Verbs & Nouns.

How to Teach Noun-Verb Agreement?

When teaching grammar basics, an essential subject is noun-verb agreement, also called subject-verb agreement. This topic is a fundamental rule to cover when teaching the English language, as learn... Read More »

Grade School Noun & Verb Activities?

Noun and verb grammar activities help students decipher between a person, place or thing and the action of the sentence. Teaching sentence structure and the parts of speech through interactive acti... Read More »