How do I change a song from WMA to MP3?

Answer Download a WMA-to-MP3 converter from the Internet.Install the converter program on your computer. You may need to give your computer permission in order to install the new program. When it is insta... Read More »

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How to make instrumental song from normal song or delete vocals from song?

I would try Protools, or perhaps Vegas has something that would remove vocals.

How do I change a song from Windows Media to MP3 format?

Download SoftwareOn the DRM Media Converter Web site, purchase and download Wondershare's Media Converter. If you only have a few files to convert you can also sign up for their free trial to downl... Read More »

CAN YOU TELL ME SURVEY:: Where you are from with only a song or song for me see link...♥?

Most of the songs with where Im from in the title are country songs. Except for this lil gem right here:…

How to Change a Song to an MP3 Format?

The MP3 audio file format uses MPEG (Moving Picture Experts Group) Layer 3 compression. MP3 remains one of the most common audio file formats. Many different software programs can play MP3 files, i... Read More »