How do I change a diaper with baby powder?

Answer Removing the Soiled DiaperWith the infant lying on its back, unfasten the soiled diaper. If changing a boy, position a burp cloth or clean diaper over the penis to prevent being sprayed if he urina... Read More »

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How to Change a Baby's Diaper?

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How do i change a baby boy's diaper?

PreparationBe sure that you have all necessary items within arm's reach, including a fresh diaper, baby wipes and baby powder or diaper rash cream.Cleaning Baby's Diaper AreaWith the baby lying on ... Read More »

How do you change a baby's diaper?

To change a disposable diaper, lie the baby down on a soft surface. Undo the adhesive tabs. Wipe the baby's crotch and bum (for girls, be sure to wipe front to back so you do not introduce bacteria... Read More »

How often do you need to change a baby's diaper?

According to the American Pregnancy Association, you should change a baby's diaper every two to three hours or whenever he has a bowel movement. Do not wake a sleeping baby to change a wet diaper.R... Read More »