How do I change a baby at a diaper station?

Answer Prepare the areaPull down the platform on the changing station, as they are generally folded up towards the wall. Apply some weight to the surface to ensure it is sturdy. Lay down a changing mat or... Read More »

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How often do you need to change a baby's diaper?

According to the American Pregnancy Association, you should change a baby's diaper every two to three hours or whenever he has a bowel movement. Do not wake a sleeping baby to change a wet diaper.R... Read More »

How do you change a baby's diaper?

To change a disposable diaper, lie the baby down on a soft surface. Undo the adhesive tabs. Wipe the baby's crotch and bum (for girls, be sure to wipe front to back so you do not introduce bacteria... Read More »

How do i change a baby boy's diaper?

PreparationBe sure that you have all necessary items within arm's reach, including a fresh diaper, baby wipes and baby powder or diaper rash cream.Cleaning Baby's Diaper AreaWith the baby lying on ... Read More »

How to Change a Baby's Diaper?

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