How do I change XP screen savers?

Answer Right-click any clear location on your desktop. Highlight and then left-click the "Properties" menu option. Click the "Screen Saver" tab. Click the "Screen Saver" drop-down menu and select a screen... Read More »

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How dangerous are screen savers?

On One Hand: Screen Savers Are KillersA screen saver is a program that runs on your computer when you aren't using it, which makes it the perfect hiding place for a virus or spyware. When a malici... Read More »

How do I alter Vista screen savers?

Locating the "Personalize" MenuRight click the desktop, and select "Personalize" in the pop-up menu, launching the "Personalize Appearance and Sounds" menu window.Locating "Screen Saver Settings"Se... Read More »

Do screen savers save energy?

No, they use more of your pc's resources because they are run as a 3D or 2D graphic, which use alot of the resources, "power", of your computer....If you want to cut down on electricity, I set my m... Read More »

Where can i find some nice screen savers?