How do I change Video Cassets into Cds?

Answer I have successfully transferred Vids to CD..Get a TV card for your PC - cheap as chips now - and connect output of vid into aerial i/p (or better connection if possible - but any will be fine in my... Read More »

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If I took a video with a casio exilim ex-zr100 in best shot mode,how do i change the video to a normal video?

Well that means that you have to change the camera back to normal. You can't change slow motion video to normal one it's shot. There editing programs that will run video at a faster rate but achi... Read More »

I have an old sony camcorder that still uses cassets can i take videos of it and put them on dvds and ifso how?

Hi Raymond: It's fairly easy to transfer camcorder Videocassette tapes over to a DVD using your computer or laptop (if equipped with a DVD-burner drive), or by using a home DVD recorder or TiVo-sty... Read More »

If I convert an mp4 video to something WMM will support, will it change my video's quality?

I have to tell you,whatever converter you use,there must be a little quality lost more or less when converting.but ,the point is good converter can lose litte and bad one lose choose a good... Read More »

How can I change video tapes into a DVD or where can I go?

If your PC has a TV tuner card, give the o/p of your camcorder to this tuner card and then get the video transfered onto your PCHere is a helpful guide to transfer videos from camcorders to compute... Read More »