How do I catch yellowtail snapper?

Answer Find the yellowtail snapper. They like to hang out around reefs in 50 to 80 feet of water. They can be found all along the reef, so try different spots for better results.Use minnow and chum on you... Read More »

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How do I fillet a yellowtail snapper?

PreparationUse a good, sharp filleting knife. Place the fish on a solid cutting board.Fillet That FishCut just behind the gills until you feel the knife hit the spine, then cut a slit on the dorsal... Read More »

How do i fish for yellowtail snapper?

Fill a chum bag with chopped-up feed, and drag it behind your boat to get the attention of yellowtail snapper.Remove the chum bag once fish begin to appear so they will have to feed on your bait in... Read More »

How do I catch snapper?

BaitBait your hook with prawns, squid, blue pilchards or fish fillets. Fillet sections of tuna or mackerel into finger length pieces then hook from the fleshy side outward to the skin. Change bait ... Read More »

How do I catch mutton snapper?

Use Light to Medium TackleSelect light to medium tackle and small hooks in the 4/0-7/0 range with monofilament line. Mutton snapper can detect larger hooks and will avoid striking bait with obvious... Read More »