How do I carry a microscope?

Answer Carrying a MicroscopeUse both hands to carry a microscope. Microscopes are precision instruments and should be handled with care. Place one hand underneath the base of the microscope to support its... Read More »

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Is it legal to carry a gun in public without a concealed carry license?

As of April 2010, four states allow carrying a concealed gun in public without a concealed carry permit or license: Vermont, Alaska, Montana and Arizona. Illinois and Wisconsin do not issue permits... Read More »

When do marines carry their rifle at a tactical carry?

Which backpack should you use to carry around your iPhone and iPhone that will let you carry your school stuff around?

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What does microscope mean?

The term micro stems from the Greek word mikros, which means small. The term scope derives from the Greek word skopos, which means to look at or watch. To describe something as microscopic means th... Read More »