How do I care for yellow wood furniture?

Answer Cleaning and PolishingDust the yellow wood surface gently with a cotton cloth. Clean every crevice of intricate carvings on chairs and tables. Many furniture polishes use linseed oil, which dries o... Read More »

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How do I care for outdoor wood furniture?

Remove stubborn mildew or mold stains on outdoor wood furniture with half a bucket of warm water mixed with two capfuls of bleach. Don protective gloves, and mix the water and bleach using a paint ... Read More »

How to Care for Outdoor Wood Furniture?

Sure, your outdoor furniture looks great now, but without proper care what will the look like in a few months? You won't have to find out If you follow this guide.

About Modern Wood Furniture?

Modern furniture was made after the Victorian period. The furniture style was different, with designers and manufacturers breaking away from the traditional mold of dark carved wood with seated tap... Read More »

Which wood is best for outdoor furniture?

On One Hand: Teak Wood Furniture Is the Longest LastingIn terms of longevity, teak wood furniture is superior to other woods. Teak furniture, normally a honey brown color, is extremely resistant to... Read More »