How do I care for parlor palm?

Answer MaintenancePlace the parlor palm plant in a well-lit location. Do not place it in hot afternoon direct sunlight.Water the plant when the top 1 to 2 inches of soil are dry. Use room temperature wate... Read More »

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How do I care for an areca palm?

Plant your areca palm tree in light shade because too much sun can damage the leaves. Water the palm regularly, keeping the soil moist without saturating the soil. Water the plant more often during... Read More »

How do I care for a kentia palm?

SoilPlant the kentia palm in a container with drain holes in the bottom. Use a nutrient-rich potting soil that drains quickly, African violet soil mix, for example, or a mixture consisting of 1/4 b... Read More »

How do I care for a cataractarum palm?

SunlightPlace the cataractarum palm--also known as cat, cascade or cataract palm--in bright light, but avoid placing the plant in hot, direct light. The plant will benefit from light from a west or... Read More »

How do I care for palm plants?

PlacementProvide a warm location with plenty of bright, indirect light for the palm plant. Palms grow best when nighttime temperatures stay above 65 degrees F. Palms may be placed on outdoor patios... Read More »