How do I care for knockout roses?

Answer Hybrid Tea Roses are the "grande dame" of roses. They've been around since 1867 and have the reputation of being hard to care for. A hybrid tea rose is a medium-sized bush rose that has a fragrant ... Read More »

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How to Water Knockout Roses?

Gardeners who join the throng of Knockout rose growers are usually pleasantly satisfied with the growing results of these popular shrub roses. With minimal care throughout the growing season, the K... Read More »

Do you deadhead Knockout roses?

Deadhead fading blooms on Knockout rose bushes to encourage the production of more blossoms. Cut the rose stem just above a five-leaf cluster. Knockout roses do well if you remove up to 12 inches o... Read More »

How to Divide Knockout Roses?

Knockout roses were created by Bill Radler. They grow abundantly and can reach heights of up to 5 feet during their growing season, which runs from March to October. Because they grow so well with ... Read More »

What are knockout roses?

The knockout rose, a rose specially bred for both beauty and durability, has proven itself a versatile and popular bloom since its introduction in 2000.OriginWilliam Radler created the first knocko... Read More »