How do I care for hibiscus plants in the winter?

Answer Determine the Type of HibiscusDetermine if the plant is a tropical hibiscus or a hardy hibiscus. Unlike tropical hibiscus plants, hardy hibiscus are able to withstand cold winters, so no extra care... Read More »

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Will Hibiscus Plants Live Through the Winter?

The two types of hibiscus are tropical and hardy. Tropical hibiscus plants will not survive the winter, unless they're houseplants, which are very difficult to grow successfully. Hardy, or perenni... Read More »

How to Care for Hibiscus Plants Indoors?

A member of the mallow family of plants, the hibiscus is a tropical plant that does not tolerate cold temperatures. This evergreen plant produces oversized red, white, yellow, peach, pink or purple... Read More »

How to Care for Hibiscus Plants & Soil?

Members of the mallow family, hibiscus plants produce showy 6-inch flowers that are attractive to birds and insects. A deciduous plant, the hibiscus grows to heights of 15 feet with an equal spread... Read More »

Winter Care for Lantana Plants?

Depending on the area where they grow, lantana plants either persist or become dormant during the winter. In zone 8 and to the north, during the winter, lantana remains partially or completely dorm... Read More »