How do I care for hanging petunia baskets?

Answer Water your hanging petunia basket frequently. On hot and sunny days, you might have to water more than once. Deadhead your petunias by gently pulling off the petunia blooms that have withered and s... Read More »

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How do I care for petunia hanging baskets?

Check petunia hanging baskets daily and water whenever the soil surface becomes dry. Give enough water so that water runs out the bottom of the container.Fertilize petunias every two weeks with a w... Read More »

My Hanging Petunia Plants Are Dying?

Petunias are generally considered one of the easiest flowering annuals to grow as bedding or hanging plants. Unfortunately, this preconception leads gardeners to believe that petunias should thrive... Read More »

DIY Hanging Baskets?

Hanging baskets create a living focal point on or near your home. They are not only decorative, but, depending on your choice of flowers, can promote a healthy environment for bees and hummingbirds... Read More »

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Urban dwellers do not have to forgo gardening. Using hanging vegetable baskets allows them to garden to their heart's content while eating healthier. There are a variety of options available for ha... Read More »