How do I care for dwarf robo hamsters?

Answer HabitatChoose an appropriate habitat. Select either a plastic or glass aquarium or a hamster cage with bars spaced close enough together that your robo can't squeeze through and escape. Layer his h... Read More »

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How to Care for Dwarf Robo Hamsters?

Roborvski hamsters are the smallest of all hamster breeds. They reach about 2 inches fully grown. The life expectancy of a Roborvski hamster is three to four years. Roborvski hamsters are not recom... Read More »

How to Care for Dwarf Hamsters?

Dwarf hamsters are very cute and are known for they sociability, but they do have special needs, as do every other species of hamsters.

Can you mate a Chinese dwarf with a Robo dwarf hamster?

Chinese dwarf hamsters cannot mate with Roborovski, or Robo, dwarf hamsters for two reasons. First, they are two different species. Secondly, Chinese hamsters will attack and sometimes kill any oth... Read More »

How to Care for Chinese Dwarf Hamsters?

Chinese dwarf hamsters are delicate but very energetic. They have easy necessities and are usually very playful. They do need a certain amount of care, but not as much as most pets. Chinese dwarf h... Read More »