How do I care for baby chickens?

Answer Food and WaterPut water in a large bowl that is low to the ground. Make sure the bowl is heavy so the baby chicks do not tip it over. Buy a chick starter feeding kit. If you do not have one, you ca... Read More »

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How to Care for Chickens?

Want to keep chickens but not sure what to do? Just read this for everything!

How to Take Care of Chickens at Home?

Even if you do not live on a farm, you can raise chickens. In fact, chickens make interesting pets. Unlike other pets that require constant attention, chickens require little maintenance. Daily fee... Read More »

When can baby chickens go outside?

Baby chick can go safely outside when they are about a month old, weather permitting. During the first few weeks of life, chicks cannot maintain their body temperature and must be kept, protected f... Read More »

How do I buy baby chickens?

Feed StoresFeed stores often carry day old chicks in the spring. Most will have rules about a minimum purchase of three or more chicks at one time. Chickens are social animals and do better in grou... Read More »