How do I care for a shrimp plant?

Answer ContainersChoose a roomy pot with good drainage and fill about halfway with damp, high-quality potting soil mix. Insert the shrimp plant into the soil, taking care to see that the plant stands upri... Read More »

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Is the shrimp plant poisonous?

The shrimp plant, which can be grown indoors or outdoors, is not toxic to humans or animals. However, it can be unsafe for children to consume, though there are no known symptoms.References:Busy Bi... Read More »

Shrimp Plant Disease?

The shrimp plant or Justicia brandegeana is a tropical and subtropical shrub native to Mexico that has become naturalized in Florida. The shrimp plant is cultivated as an ornamental plant for its a... Read More »

How to Take Care of Ghost Shrimp?

If you read this article, it might help you on how to take care of ghost shrimp, and may also help you with other aquatic pets too!

Can a shrimp plant be planted indoors?

The shrimp plant, a low-maintenance plant, can be planted indoors and blooms almost year-round. Place the shrimp plant in a bright growing location, with moist soil and high humidity. Room temperat... Read More »