How do I care for a prayer plant?

Answer Pray for/with it.....

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How do i care for a red-veined prayer plant?

Light and HeatPlace the red-veined prayer plant in moderate light. Avoid sunny windows where the plant will be exposed to direct sunlight, which can leach color from the leaves. Keep the plant warm... Read More »

What is a prayer plant?

A prayer plant is the name given to a specific type of common house plant, which has a scientific name of Maranta leuconeura erythroneura. These plants, also called marantas, are easy to grow and c... Read More »

Prayer Plant Varieties?

The prayer plant (Maranta leucoreura) belongs to the maranta plant family and is also referred to as arrowroot. The plant is low growing and is favored for a patterned foliage that comes in a varie... Read More »

How do I root a prayer plant?

Tip CuttingsMake a tip cutting from the prayer plant (maranta). Choose part of a stem with healthy leaves about 6 inches long. Make a clean cut with a garden pruner in an area of the stem clear of ... Read More »