How do I care for a mature peach tree?

Answer PruningPrune your peach tree each spring. Be sure to remove any branches that are growing vertically and also cut off any dead leaves or withered branches.ThinningPull off any small or deformed fru... Read More »

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What Is the Size of a Mature Red Baron Peach Tree?

Red Baron peach trees grow to a height of 8 to16 feet, and only need 250 to 300 hours of cold temperatures (chill hours) to grow fruit. The trees are self-pollinating, so you only need one tree to ... Read More »

How do i care for a peach tree in georgia?

Site SelectionPlant peach trees in a spot where they'll get plenty of sun and good drainage. Amend the soil with a mixture of half quick-draining soil and half compost to give the tree good drainag... Read More »

How do i care for an elberta peach tree?

PlantingPlant your Elberta peach tree in quality, well-draining soil. Place the tree in full sun; these trees require a minimum of 5 hours of sun per day. Space the Elberta peach tree at least 20 f... Read More »

What is a peach tree?

Peach trees originated in China and are related to other trees that produce fruit with hard seeds or stones in the center, such as plum trees, nectarine trees and apricot trees.VarietiesVarieties o... Read More »