How do I care for Pergo flooring?

Answer Pergo flooring is a laminate composite that consists largely of fiberboard wrapped in melamine. The flooring is specifically designed to resemble genuine hardwood while providing important advantag... Read More »

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How do I cut Pergo flooring?

Straight CutsMake straight cuts in Pergo flooring with a circular saw, table saw or handsaw. If you use a power saw, mark and cut the flooring board from the back, and use a plywood-cutting blade ... Read More »

What is Pergo flooring?

Answer Pergo is a Swedish flooring product company noted primarily for its laminate flooring products. Pergo invented laminate flooring in the 1970s and began selling laminate flooring in the Unit... Read More »

Is pergo good flooring?

That is a question that you will get a lot of different opinions on. I'm going to assume that by Pergo you mean all laminates since Pergo is just one of the brands. The advantages of laminate are ... Read More »

Can you stain pergo flooring?

No, Pergo is basically a piece of plastic with a picture of wood on it so if you try to stain it then the graining won't remain plus the stain can damage the protective layer over the image.