How do I calculate total hours in Excel if...?

Answer If the two columns (or rows) that contain the IN and OUT values are formatted as Time, and they are all entered as pairs within a 24-hour day, then it is only a matter of subtracting the IN time fr... Read More »

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How do I calculate the total rows in MS Excel?

Select the cell where you want Excel 2007 to calculate the number of rows in a given field. Click on the "Formulas" tab on the top of the spreadsheet. Click on the "Lookup and Reference" button und... Read More »

How do i add the total in microsoft excel?

Add NumbersOpen Excel to create a new spreadsheet or open an existing spreadsheet. Type an equals sign to let Excel know it has to calculate an equation, then type the equation, for example: "=12+1... Read More »

How to Calculate the Total Area?

Calculating total area has many real-world applications. You can use it to determine how many tiles are required to cover a floor, the square footage of a house, the size of a tablecloth needed for... Read More »

How do I calculate the VAT on the total amount?

Add VAT to PriceMultiply the price of an item by the Value Added Tax, or VAT, to find how much tax is added to the price. In England, the VAT is 17.5 percent, so multiply the price by .175. For exa... Read More »