How do I calculate the amount of calories I should eat to lose weight?

Answer Our bodies need calories for energy for any activity, from combing our hair to playing basketball. Eat too many calories, though, and the body stores them as extra weight. To lose weight, one must ... Read More »

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What is the amount of calories you should consume each day?

try this:

How to Decrease the Amount of Calories You Intake Per Day?

One simple easy thing you can do to lose weight.

What alcoholic drink has the least amount of calories?

A drink made with one ounce of 80 proof distilled rum, vodka, gin or whiskey mixed with several ounces of a no-calorie beverage such as sparkling water or diet soda has only 64 calories and no fat ... Read More »

If I burn 1000 calories a day,how many calories should I eat?

The recommended amount for a 14-18 year old is 1800 calories. This amount is for you're body to function. You're eating 1500 and burning 1000 of these, therfore you're body is only getting 500 of i... Read More »