How do I calculate simple interest in Visual Basic?

Answer In finance, simple interest is a term used to refer to the calculation of interest based on the amount of the original investment, and not on any interest that has accrued. In other words, there is... Read More »

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How to Create a Simple Calculator in Visual Basic 6.0?

Visual Basic 6.0 is a programming language developed by Microsoft which can be easily learned and used by beginner, as well as advanced programmers. Though it is no longer supported by Microsoft, t... Read More »

How do i calculate simple interest?

Calculate Interest Per YearMultiply the annual interest rate by the principal of the account. For example, if you left $500 in an account that paid 3 percent interest, you would multiply $500 by 0.... Read More »

How to Calculate Simple Interest?

Simple interest is the amount of interest paid based on only the original amount lent or borrowed, rather than being based on accumulating interest. The formula for this is very simple: I=PRT, wher... Read More »

How do i calculate a simple interest payment?

The ProcessCalculate a simple interest payment by multiplying the balance of the loan by the annual percentage interest, then divide by the payment period. For instance, a $1,000 balance at 5 perce... Read More »