How do I calculate my taxes due on my paycheck?

Answer It is your employer's responsibility to calculate the taxes due on your paycheck, and withhold them and send them to the appropriate state and federal authorities. You can calculate your payroll ta... Read More »

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How do I calculate FICA taxes on a paycheck?

Calculate Medicare TaxMultiply the Medicare tax rate by the amount of your paycheck. As of 2010, the Medicare tax rate equals 1.45 percent for employees. For example, if your paycheck was $2,300, y... Read More »

How Can I Calculate Taxes From My Weekly Paycheck?

When you receive your weekly paycheck, you will likely notice that the amount you receive does not equal the full amount you are paid. This is because federal, state and local governments may requi... Read More »

How Do Taxes Affect a Paycheck?

The United States government, as well as most states (and possibly) local governments, take their fair share out of your paycheck to pay for the services that these authorities provide. While some ... Read More »

What do i claim to get 0 taxes out of a paycheck?

To have no tax withholding taken from your paycheck, you need to claim "Exempt" on your Form W-4. The criteria for claiming exempt are: (1) you had no tax liability for the previous year and got a ... Read More »