How do I calculate interest-only payment?

Answer Divide the annual interest rate by 100 to convert to a decimal. For example, if the annual interest rate was 9 percent, you would divide 9 by 100 to get 0.09.Calculate the interest rate per period ... Read More »

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How to Calculate an Interest Only Balloon Payment?

For many borrowers who may not know about the fine print and detailed terms of different lending agreements, an interest-only balloon payment can be a complicated thing. If you are involved in a ba... Read More »

How do i calculate car payment interest?

Calculate Periodic Interest RateDivide the annual interest rate by the number of payments you make per year. For example, most car loans require monthly payments, so if your annual interest rate wa... Read More »

How to Calculate an Interest Payment on a Bond?

Bonds can be purchased from a government agency or a company. When you buy a bond, you are loaning money to the bond's seller. This money, or principal amount, will be paid back after a certain num... Read More »

How do I calculate the interest for a house payment?

Figure Monthly Interest RateConvert the annual interest rate on your mortgage to a monthly interest rate by multiplying by 1/12. For example, if the annual interest rate is 7.8 percent, would would... Read More »