How do I calculate interest earnings?

Answer Multiply the deposit amount by the interest rate by the time in years. Time in years may be a fraction; for example if an investor deposits money on Sept. 1, the time in years equals four out of 12... Read More »

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What tax return do you file for interest earnings?

Interest income is reported on line 8a of your Form 1040 tax return. If you receive more than $1,500 in interest, you will also need to file Schedule B. If your interest earnings are under $1,500... Read More »

How do I calculate earnings after tax?

Employee EarningsDetermine your after-tax pay--the amount of your pay once federal income tax, state income tax (if applicable), and Medicare and Social Security taxes are withheld.Voluntary Deduct... Read More »

How do I calculate net earnings?

Employee DeductionsSubtract your statutory/involuntary deductions from your gross pay. These are deductions your employer is legally required to make, such as payroll taxes, wage garnishments and c... Read More »

How to Calculate Earnings for APY?

Annual percentage yield, or APY, is the amount an investment makes over the course of a year while factoring in compounding. Compounding takes the interest made in one month and adds it to the prin... Read More »