How do I calculate employer payroll tax expenses?

Answer Employee Income TaxObtain a Form W-4 from each employee. Withhold employee income tax from compensation according to tables provided by the Internal Revenue Service. The applicable table is based u... Read More »

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How to Calculate Payroll Expenses?

Payroll expenses are a function of employee wages and payroll taxes. There are five main payroll taxes that must be reported and paid either monthly, quarterly or annually, depending on the gross a... Read More »

How do i calculate employer payroll taxes in texas?

State Unemployment TaxFigure Texas unemployment tax based on the annual wage base and the state unemployment tax rate. According to the Texas Workforce, the 2010 taxable wage base is $9,000. The mi... Read More »

Payroll Tax & Employer Contribution?

The federal and state governments regulate payroll taxes. Federal payroll taxes are Social Security, Medicare, unemployment and income withholding. State payroll taxes include unemployment, disabil... Read More »

What payroll taxes can the employer deduct?

The law requires employers to deduct income taxes from employees' wages. The employer is also responsible for submitting the taxes to the government. The withholding amount depends on the type of t... Read More »