How do I calculate employee payroll?

Answer Determing What to PayDetermine hours to pay the employees. Pay hourly employees according to the amount of hours worked in the pay period. For instance, 40 hours. If salaried, determine his salary ... Read More »

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What does the employee pay on payroll taxes?

The employee pays federal income tax, which is based on his Form W-4 and the IRS' withholding tax tables. He also pays Medicare tax--6.2 percent of his gross income, up to $106,800 for year 2010 an... Read More »

Employee Payroll Requirements?

The employer must pay employees for services rendered. Furthermore, the employer must pay related taxes to the government. Consequently, payroll is a task employers must perform. To ensure employee... Read More »

What Are Standard Employee Payroll Deductions in California?

Everyone knows that your hourly wages are not exactly what you take home at the end of the week on your paycheck. However, there are different state laws regarding what can and should legally be de... Read More »

Can an employee request his employer not to have withholding tax taken from their payroll paycheck?

According to IRS Form W-4 (Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate) and IRS Publication 501 (Exemptions, Standard Deduction, and Filing Exemption from Withholding), employees are responsible f... Read More »