How do I calculate debt to loan ratio?

Answer Add together the expected monthly house payment, private mortgage insurance (PMI), property tax and homeowners insurance. To that number, add all fixed monthly household expenses, including, car pa... Read More »

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Can I get an FHA loan with a 53% debt ratio?

You will not be able to get an FHA loan with a debt ratio of 53 percent, as the maximum is 41 percent. The front-end ratio on an FHA loan, which calculates your current or future house payment, is ... Read More »

What Is Loan to Debt Ratio?

Taking out a loan on favorable terms for a major purchase is subject to having a good credit score. The credit score however is only one of two major factors a lender evaluates when determining cre... Read More »

How do i calculate debt to credit ratio?

Determine the total amount of credit card debt you owe. For example, a person has two credit cards. On one credit card he has $800 owed and on the other he has $500 owed. His total amount of credit... Read More »

How to Calculate Debt to Capital Ratio?

When it comes to running a publicly traded company, there are many financial ratios which help point to the overall financial health of the company. One of these ratios is called the debt to capita... Read More »