How do I calculate cost escalation?

Answer Calculate the Price ChangeSubtract the original price from the final price to find the price difference. For example, if last year's rent cost $500 and this year it costs $550, you would subtract $... Read More »

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How to Calculate Escalation?

Escalation refers to the increase of something over time. Often, escalation is used to describe increasing costs, such as the escalation of lunch prices, household goods or business supplies. Past ... Read More »

How to Use De Escalation Skills?

Sometimes you find yourself in a difficult situation and regular communication techniques don't get the job done!

Safe De-Escalation Techniques?

Violent or aggressive behavior must be calmed to secure the safety of the individual and others in the surrounding environment. When someone becomes escalated, either due to a panic attack, stress ... Read More »

What is the Escalation dept number for directv?