How do I calculate car loan payments& interest rate?

Answer Get your auto loan terms from your lender. If you do not yet have a loan, use a current average rate schedule to figure out what your interest rate could be. You won't know your exact interest rate... Read More »

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How to Calculate Interest Payments on a School Loan?

Making interest payments on a school loan before the repayment period begins is a simple way to reduce the financial burden of a student loan after college. If you qualified for a subsidized federa... Read More »

How to Calculate Your Loan's Daily Interest Rate?

The interest rate on a loan measures how much a lender charges you for the privilege of borrowing money. The rate can be expressed in different ways, such as per day, per week, per month or per yea... Read More »

How do i calculate effective annual interest rate on a car loan?

Gather InformationLook up the annual percentage rate, or APR, of your car loan. Convert it to a decimal by removing the percent symbol and moving the decimal point two spots to the left. For exampl... Read More »

How to Calculate the Amount of a Loan if I Have the Interest Rate and Monthly Payment?

Many loan calculators are available online, saving you the drudgery of calculating loan parameters the old-fashioned way. But you can still do it yourself, and it never hurts to understand how it's... Read More »