How do I calculate a date in Excel?

Answer Calculate today's dateClick on an empty cell and enter an equal sign (=) and the formula TODAY(). Press "Enter" and today's date will appear in the form MM/DD/YYYY.Calculate a future dateClick on a... Read More »

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How to Look Up a Date in MS Excel 2003?

Microsoft Excel is the spreadsheet software in Microsoft Office. The spreadsheets are split into a grid of rows and columns. You can use Microsoft Excel for data storage, manipulation and analysis... Read More »

Excel Date Functions?

Excel date functions let you sort and perform calculations on date values by converting the date to formats more appropriate for your scenario. The first day in Excel is Jan. 1, 1900, for Windows u... Read More »

How do i add days to a date in a spreadsheet in ms excel?

A Date Is a Number in ExcelExcel can calculate date and time functions accurately because every date is assigned a number beginning January 1, 1900, which equals 1. The date 3/28/1999 equals 36,247... Read More »

How to Use a Calendar When Entering a Date in Excel?

Typos can wreak havoc on a spreadsheet containing a large amount of data. To accurately input dates into a spreadsheet, you can opt to use a calendar on your workbook. There are two options: a refe... Read More »