How do I buy pond turtles?

Answer Preparation and PlanningDecide on the number of turtles you want, and research how big they will get. You should buy turtles that will be comfortable in your pond, based on the size and water capac... Read More »

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How to Catch Turtles in a Pond?

Although pond turtles are generally good for the environment and typically harmless, sometimes aggressive snapping turtles can invade an otherwise peaceful pond, becoming a menace and good candidat... Read More »

How do I feed pond turtles?

Feeding ScheduleFeed baby turtles every day; feed adult turtles two to three times a week. Place food in the pond or on land. If you are feeding on land, leave the food for five to 10 minutes and t... Read More »

What do western pond turtles eat?

Western pond turtles eat a wide variety of foods, including plants and animals. The majority of a western pond turtle's diet consists of aquatic insects and larvae, small fish, carrion, amphibian e... Read More »

How to Make an Inside Pond for Turtles?

Indoor turtle ponds are a relatively low-cost, attractive and roomy alternative to conventional glass aquariums, which are fairly expensive and usually too small. With an indoor pond, you can creat... Read More »