How do I buy elodea?

Answer Fish StorePurchase elodea (also called anacharis) for your fish tank from a local fish store. Elodea is a plant found at most fish specialty retailers.Fish ClubAttend meetings at your local aquariu... Read More »

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What do elodea eat?

Elodea (Elodea canadensis) is a perennial aquatic plant that produces its own food through photosynthesis. Elodea plants provide habitat for insects and invertebrates. The insects and invertebrates... Read More »

In what kingdom is elodea?

Elodea is a type of underwater weed that belongs to the plantae kingdom. Native to North American lakes and ponds, it is commonly used as decorative plant life in home aquariums.Source:USDA PlantsN... Read More »

What does an elodea plant look like?

The elodea plant consists of green stems covered from top to bottom with leaves that measure 1 to 1.25 inches in length, according to the Professor Scott Hagood of Virginia Tech University. The ste... Read More »

How do I raise Elodea?

Place an Elodea plant, complete with its root system, into a clear pool of water for it to reproduce into more plants on its own, according to the Texas Agrilife Extension Office's Aquaplant websit... Read More »