How do I buy elodea?

Answer Fish StorePurchase elodea (also called anacharis) for your fish tank from a local fish store. Elodea is a plant found at most fish specialty retailers.Fish ClubAttend meetings at your local aquariu... Read More »

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How do I raise Elodea?

Place an Elodea plant, complete with its root system, into a clear pool of water for it to reproduce into more plants on its own, according to the Texas Agrilife Extension Office's Aquaplant websit... Read More »

What do elodea eat?

Elodea (Elodea canadensis) is a perennial aquatic plant that produces its own food through photosynthesis. Elodea plants provide habitat for insects and invertebrates. The insects and invertebrates... Read More »

How do i use the elodea plant?

Elodea canadensis is a type of aquatic plant found in North America. The plant lives almost entirely underwater and is commonly used as aquarium vegetation.NamesThe Elodea plant is also called Amer... Read More »

Can you see nuclei in elodea cells?

The nucleus of an Elodea cell can be seen, but it is often difficult to see in living, unstained cells because it is nearly transparent. The nucleus can be more easily seen by fixing and staining t... Read More »