How do I buy and sell gold in Michigan?

Answer Investing in gold collectible coins or bullion remains a popular option for many people. Gold has an enduring reputation for retaining its value during times of economic uncertainty. If you live in... Read More »

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How can i sell gold?

You've seen the commercials where a pitchman tells you that you can sell unwanted gold by dropping broken necklaces into an envelope and sending them to him. Unfortunately, when selling scrap gold,... Read More »

How to Sell My Old Gold?

Selling your unwanted gold jewelry or scrap gold is a fast way to make some cash. Most pawn shops and jewelry stores will readily buy gold pieces and jewelry, and will usually provide with a quote... Read More »

How much money should I have to buy and sell gold?

On One Hand: Probably at least $10,000.Trading the gold markets is futures trading. Futures trading is highly leveraged, and therefore extremely risky. You don't want to risk more than 5 percent to... Read More »

How to Sell Your Old Unused Gold?

Gold's sky-high price in 2011 prompted many consumers to dig out Grandma's jewelry box in the hopes of finding thousands of dollars in hidden assets. Be wary, however: many cash-in operations offer... Read More »