How do I burn a game of 8 gb to a dvd?

Answer You need to burn them all to the same DVD using a DVD DL (Dual Layer) so it reads from the same disc, instead of 2 different ones.

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How do I burn an ISO PS2 game onto a DVD?

DVD-Burning SoftwareDownload DVD-burning software if you do not already have some. Any software that can burn ISO files to a DVD is acceptable. Common examples include O Nero, DVD Decrypter or Imag... Read More »

How do I burn an ISO game?

Install Compatible SoftwareInstall a program on your computer that supports the burning of ISO image files. An ISO image is an exact copy of a CD or DVD in a single file on your computer. By burnin... Read More »

How do I burn a game to a CD?

Download and Install CD Burning SoftwareDownload a CD burning program, and install it on your computer. Many users prefer Clone CD or Nero because they are effective and user friendly. Alternativel... Read More »

How to Burn a Computer Game?

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