How do I burn a cd so that no one else can make additional copies?

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How to Burn Exact Copies of a DVD?

You may want to make a copy of personal home movie that you have on DVD disc for friends and family, or for your personal backup. In this case, you must first "rip" the DVD, which means that you co... Read More »

My CD-RW Doesnt Copy Cd And When It Copies After Finishe The Massage is " Burn Failur at 24x".CD-RW Is Samsung?

Make sure the orginal disk doesn't have any read errors.

How do you make a wikipedia article for a topic that redirects to something else?

If on Wikipedia you land on a redirect, below the title and "From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia", there will be a text "(Redirected from Title)", with 'Title' being the title you wanted to go to... Read More »

How to Make a Flame That Does Not Burn?

This is a trick that will make your audience believe your cash will not burn.