How do I build wood trusses?

Answer Wood trusses are strong and durable framing components and are used to frame and support roofs, floors, decks or bridges. Most people are familiar with the most common wood trusses, which are the t... Read More »

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Is it more expensive to order prefabricated trusses and get a crane or build the trusses on site?

Answer prefabricated trusses and typically less expensive when they are fabricated for repetitive use in housing project with similarly designed roofs. If the roof is a standard Gable this helps in... Read More »

How to Install Wood Trusses?

Trusses are the supporting skeletons that hold up structures like bridges and roofs. The framework is triangular on the outside perimeter, with inside beams running parallel from its base to the pe... Read More »

How to Build Using Railroad Ties and Trusses?

Railroad ties are the long wooden beams that act as a stable base for the metal rails that are attached to them. The ties have historically been made of hardwood, usually oak due to its ability to ... Read More »

If I'm building a 5 inch rise per 12 inch run roof what are all the degrees for each angle cut to build 12' long common trusses?

Answer the 2 common angels needed to cut a 5/12 pitch are 22.6 degrees and the reciprical 67.3