How do I build an excell spreadsheet on line?

Answer Really hard to understand what you mean since the question is a bit short.Do you mean something like Google docs?

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How do I build a spreadsheet?

Plan the SpreadsheetFigure out the type of data that you want to hold in your spreadsheets. Determine how you want to organize the columns and rows of the spreadsheet. Choose a program, such as Mic... Read More »

How to Build a Budget Spreadsheet (Teenagers)?

How to keep track of how much you are spending...and how much you are receiving! Do you (like me) start off at the beginning of the month with money and somehow it has leaked away by the end. And y... Read More »

How to Build an Excel Spreadsheet Using Three Variables?

Microsoft Excel is a useful spreadsheet tool that's widely used to compare two variables, such as change over time. It can also be used to compare three variables, using a built-in function that al... Read More »

How do i build an outlook contact list from a spreadsheet?

Save Excel ListCreate the contact list in Excel that has at least one column for email addresses. Click on "File" in the Excel menu and select "Save As." Type in a file name and in the drop-down me... Read More »