How do I build a working computer out of scrap parts?

Answer Test each component in a working computer before you begin assembling your new computer. By testing each component separately, you will know you are using components that are not flawed. You will n... Read More »

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What parts do I need to build a computer?

Not meaning to offend, but if you must ask, then you should consider having one built for you... despite computers coming a long way in their modularity they still require a good understanding of h... Read More »

I want to build a new computer where should i get parts?

How to Build a Computer From Different Parts?

Building your own PC is fun and easy, and can be done with a few hundred dollars in components and some simple hand tools. Besides being an interesting hobby and a good way to learn about computer ... Read More »

What parts should i have in a computer im gonna build.?

To build just the computer and components inside it you will need....MotherboardHarddriveVideo CardSound Card if not integrated in the MotherboardRAM (Random Access Memory)Disk Drives / CD DrivesCo... Read More »