How do I build a working computer out of scrap parts?

Answer Test each component in a working computer before you begin assembling your new computer. By testing each component separately, you will know you are using components that are not flawed. You will n... Read More »

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What parts do I need to build a computer?

Not meaning to offend, but if you must ask, then you should consider having one built for you... despite computers coming a long way in their modularity they still require a good understanding of h... Read More »

How to Build a Computer From Different Parts?

Building your own PC is fun and easy, and can be done with a few hundred dollars in components and some simple hand tools. Besides being an interesting hobby and a good way to learn about computer ... Read More »

I want to build a new computer where should i get parts?

What is a good website to get parts to build your own computer.?

Easy way. Configure it on iBuypower or whatever, then it SHOULD tell you if the parts are compatible or not. Then buy the parts on Newegg.comDon't buy from iBuypower though, they use substandard sh... Read More »