How do I build a sloped roof?

Answer Design a Simple RoofCalculate the desired surface area and pitch of your "shed" or "skillion" roof. The height difference between the lowest and highest points of the roof determines its pitch. Inc... Read More »

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How to Create a Uniform Sloped Roof in SketchUp?

Sloped roofIf you are creating a building that you that has odd dimensions that you want a uniform slope on, read this article to learn how.

How do you build a hip roof?

How to Build a Hip Roof?

A hip roof is a simple roof which slopes downward at all points and has a uniform angle of pitch. Often combined with gables or other features, hip roofs are perhaps the simplest style of roofing a... Read More »

How do I build a roof over my deck?

In the modern style of living, the deck has become as important as any other part of the home. Enjoying a deck and relaxing outdoors on those beautiful days is one of the greatest at-home activitie... Read More »