How do I build a hearth for a wood stove?

Answer Building a hearth for a wood stove requires care and planning because a hearth's primary purpose is to provide protection for combustible floor components, such as subflooring and and floor joists... Read More »

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Can i use my pellet stove hearth pad for a wood stove?

A pellet stove hearth pad cannot be used safely with a wood stove. This is because of differences in the ways that wood stoves and pellet stoves function. Typically, pellet stoves do not need to be... Read More »

Who makes the Century Hearth 2000 sq. foot wood stove?

The CFM Corporation manufacturers the Century Hearth 2,000-square-foot wood stove. The company also sells wood stoves under the brand name of Vermont Castings. Based in Ontario, Canada, the company... Read More »

How do I build a wood stove pad?

Decide where to place wood stoveThe stove's owner's manual will give instructions on how much distance is required between the stove and flammable materials. Flammable materials include walls and f... Read More »

How do I build a wood-stove fire?

Rake the Ash and CoalsRake excess ash out of the stove, using a fireplace rake or poker. Rake live or smoldering coals toward the front of the stove, just in front of the door.Load the WoodLoad at... Read More »